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At DHI Title Insurance Company (DHITIC), we know how important home is. That’s why we provide comprehensive title insurance protection to homeowners and lenders.

While title for every real estate transaction is meticulously examined, title defects may still arise. This is where title insurance comes in.
What are title defects
Even an extensive and thorough examination of the public records for a property may not disclose title risks. Title insurance protects your interest in real estate from a title defect, even when discovered years after your purchase.

Common title defects include:
  • -Forged deeds
  • -Deeds by persons of unsound mind
  • -Prior unpaid taxes
  • -Prior unreleased or improperly released security lien
  • -Mistakes in recording legal documents
  • -Mistakes in the legal description
  • -Deeds in lieu of foreclosure given under duress
  • -Instruments under fabricated or expired power of attorney
  • -Discovery or will of apparent intestate
  • -False personating of the true owner of land
  • -Deed of community property recited to be separate property
  • -Deeds delivered after death of grantor/grantee
  • -Deeds to or from defunct corporations
  • -Defective acknowledgments
  • -Misrepresentation of wills
  • -Undisclosed or missing heirs
  • -Claims of creditors against property sold by heirs or devisees
DHITIC is invested in protecting one of your most precious investments – your home. DHITIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of D.R. Horton.
The D.R. Horton Story - We Are America's Builder
It began with a young, upstart home builder who set out for Fort Worth, Texas, in 1977. Don R. Horton (D.R.) chose to champion an approach that reflected the quality and service he valued himself. One committed to treating every customer like family and creating a more satisfying homebuying experience.

It’s been 40 years since D.R. built his first home and founded D.R. Horton, Inc. Although his company is now the nation’s largest home builder, it’s not the size that makes it special, but the fact that at its heart still lies the same passion for serving people.

It’s one of the greatest opportunities we have as Americans. It’s that special place where our memories are made – that place we call home.

Commitment to Excellence
Our customer-driven principles have allowed us to work closely with each individual market to gain insight into the needs and wants of those who matter most: you.

Building the Future
We’ve come a long way, and while more people choose our family of brands over any other builder in the country, we never forget the most important thing of all – the families that choose us for their place to call home.

So continue to live out those dreams, America, and know we plan to be here to assist you every step of the way.

D.R. Horton. We are America’s Builder.
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